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We are an International freight forwarder

Was established on 2006 in the capital city Jakarta, Indonesia.Our company business are International and Domestic air and sea freight (Exports & Imports), Brokerage, Project Cargo and Door to Door services. The Services described here are the result of innovation and long foresight, anticipating the needs of rapidly expanding industry.  The entire of our network is connected with a state of the art communications system.

We are aware the sound of our Customers and committed to :

  • Respecting the dignity of our client
  • Providing the most responsive customer service
  • Striving to accomplish  all tasks in a best  way

In today’s  world of  international trade and global commerce, there is no more emphasis than ever before on the value of maintaining a smooth and efficient supply chain that link suppliers  with customers  in  a seamless  manner.

AEROSWAN has been flexibility in giving services to the customers and other method of  by air, land and sea. AEROSWAN will be more and more satisfying their partners, customers, supplier with Win-Win Concept That’s why we’re dedicated in handling freight in a quick and cost effective manner, means that we are doing business with : 

dedicated to deliver so you can count on us 
Just call us . . . . .